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Welcome to Alan's Wine Blog!

"...As I taste a lot of wine through the course of my job I have a hard time remembering what I tasted. Not because I was drunk, but because of the number there are. This will be my online journal for those wines and maybe keep you up to date as to whats available."

Royal Liquor is Kansas City's home for quality and savings on beer, wine and spirits.

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And once you've figured out what wines are all about, the next step is determining which wines go with which foods. If you've always held to the tradition that red wines go with red meat and white wines go with fish, click here to see what you've been missing.

Royal Liquors gives customers the opportunity to sample select brands and vintages. Click here for a schedule of upcoming wine tastings. Check back often for updates!

Visit our Pre-Sell page to see what items we will have available for advance orders. This is a great way to receive discounts on some of the best vintages winemaking has to offer. Then just e-mail us your request!

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