Resources and Extra Info

Between all of us here at Royal Liquors, we have many, many years of experience when it comes to all thing’s alcohol related. And not just in the drinking sense, either. However, we don’t know it all and never will. But do not fret. We won’t simply fill your head with any old nonsense. If we don’t have the answer, then we will simply go and get it.

Reputable Sources

The internet is an amazing tool when you need to know just about anything. Just insert a few words into good old Google, and out it comes with an array of answers for you. Of course, not all the results will be worth looking at. You do still need to be careful with the information you are extracting and only take it verbatim if from a reputable source.

Just in case you were wondering, here are some of the sources of information we use quite often to fill in any gaps we may have:

Wikipedia: started in 2001, this online encyclopedia contains a wealth of information relating to just about everything and is one of our top go-to sources.

Statista: this site is used quite often when hard facts and figures are required. It consists of various stats relating to just about anything, including things like the total amount spent on alcoholic beverages in the US for the year.

You’ll often see us recommending places where you can get your favorite drinks delivered straight to your door. These are places we’ve tried ourselves and are very happy with.