What to Look for in a Good Online Liquor Store

Gone are the days when you had to travel into town to stock up on alcohol. Now, it can all be done from the comfort of your own home without lifting a finger. Amazing. But the question now is – where do I get my supplies online?

You don’t want to buy your drinks from anywhere online. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous individuals around who are quite happy to take your money in return for absolutely nothing. So, just be sure you buy from a reputable place.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a few tips on things you should look for when deciding where to buy from online if you can’t make it to your local liquor store.

Tips on Finding a Decent Online Alcohol Supplier

1. Check out the about us page to find a liquor supplier. Are they a new establishment? What’s their story? Scope them out to get a feel for who you’re buying from.

2. Source reviews. The internet is an amazing tool, so use it to your advantage. While a lot of people don’t bother commenting when they’ve had a good experience, many are quite happy to share when things don’t go so well.

3. Browse their range. Do they even have what you’re looking for? Some online liquor stores specialize in mainly one or two types of alcohol, whereas others will sell a bit of everything. Just be sure to check the store you’re looking at actually has the drink you want to purchase.

4. Check delivery. Finally, make sure they deliver to your area. While many companies might be happy to send your drink across the pond to any corner of the globe requested, it may come at an extra cost.

Plus, there’s the delivery time to consider and whether or not it needs to go through customs. In which case, unless it’s a special blend or a unique present for someone, it may be best to stick to those companies that are in the same country as you.

3 Well-Known Online Liquor Stores

While there are many independent online liquor stores that are perfectly safe to buy from and probably provide a very good service, not all of them are. As with most online purchases, you just need to be a little vigilant, and following those tips mentioned above will certainly help with that.

However, if you just don’t have time to research companies to ensure their reputable, here are some that have been around a while and seem to have built a pretty good reputation:

Uptownspirits.com: Great selection of alcohol, reasonable prices, and good reviews. Need we say more?

Delmesaliquor.com: This has been a family-owned business in the industry since 1972. Huge range of liquor to choose from, which is delivered safely straight to your door.

Liqourstore-online.com: One of the oldest online liquor stores offering quality drinks at bargain prices. Ships both nationwide and internationally.

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